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Sam Saraindead, ISSAAD Ramdane (Co-author)

Novel : A young doctor falls in a trap. Wednesday, February 5th, at five-thirty-seven PM, a 911 call notified the police of a serious emergency at the office of Dr. David Levi in West Hollywood. Upon arrival, police could do nothing more than record the death of a female patient stretched out on the waiting room floor. The woman was a young junky, well known to LAPD drug enforcement officialsDr. Levi has been hospitalized and placed in a drug rehabilitation program. He is currently charged with involuntary manslaughter. The medical board has announced that it will rule on whether to revoke his lisence based on the results of the investigation." How it happens ? The answer is in Fault Lines.

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Publisher : CreateSpace Language : English
Genre : Literature Release : January 1, 2012
Sub-genre : Travel Writing

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Available here:


Sam Saraindead

Romancier, globe trotter insaisissable, musicien, Sam Saraindead, parfait anagramme de Ramdane Isssaad, apparait comme un auteur mythique du monde underground dans la tradition de la Factory des années Wharol. Novelist, elusive globe trotter, musician Sam Saraindead perfect anagram of Ramdane Issaad appears as a mythical author of the underground culture in the tradition of the Warhol Factory.


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